Squalor [noun]

Definition of Squalor:

filth, poverty

Synonyms of Squalor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squalor:


Sentence/Example of Squalor:

Squalor and tragedy can beckon to all that is great in us, and strengthen the wings of love.

The dirt and squalor showed the more plainly by their light.

The meanness, the squalor, the degradation of his morale and life are not discernible in his works.

This squalor, this bare loneliness, was the harsh penalty of failure.

They may be surrounded by intelligence and luxury or by ignorance and squalor.

Squalid is no word for it; squalor is richness compared to this house.

The end comes to both actions at once in the squalor of a chance-medley.

A threat of death yesterday, misery, starvation and squalor!

Like other cities in the East Singapore is a mixture of beauty and squalor.

I am encircled with squalor, with hunger, rage, and sooty desperation.