Squandering [verb]

Definition of Squandering:

fritter away, use up

Synonyms of Squandering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squandering:

Sentence/Example of Squandering:

You will succeed in getting hold of it and squandering it, one day or another.

Perhaps this was a mistake and a squandering of wealth and opportunities.

If he is drunken and worthless she may have him enjoined from squandering her property.

Very affable, she gave value to her affability by not squandering it.

May we ask where you've been in the habit of squandering your useful leisure?

But from this you must not imagine that I am fond of squandering.

I suppose he had talent, which he was squandering under the pretext of realism.

He had moreover been squandering money which had been settled on her by deed.

He was ashamed of Charity Coe, too, for squandering her prime and her pride.

His wife, a French lady, did her part in squandering her husband's wealth.