Squarest [adjective]

Definition of Squarest:

honest, genuine

Synonyms of Squarest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squarest:

Sentence/Example of Squarest:

Some declared it impossible any house in that square should hold the number invited.

How different was the sight from what she saw when she looked out in Addison square!

Mist, mist, rolling mist with a square black tower above it.

He reached out a square, competent hand, and put it over hers.

It is sawn off at the proper length, square at one end and slanting at the other.

You make him believe you're on the square, an' he'll do what's right.

The discharge is proportional to the square root of the pressure.

Chip, savage in his misery, regarded her over one square shoulder.

These are 6x2 feet, and have a combined area of 24 square feet.

In other words the pressure of the wind increases with the square of the velocity.