Squashed [verb]

Definition of Squashed:


Synonyms of Squashed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squashed:

Sentence/Example of Squashed:

It will be easier, however, when I know you have squashed all about Pam.

An' squashed 'em flat—an' picked them up—an' packed 'em in my trunk!

A few more inches to the left, and he would have fallen on and squashed it flat.

He was squashed back into his couch under four gees' acceleration.

I am not going to elbow myself about and be squashed flat for their pleasure.

He was in here a moment ago to ask if your nose was squashed.

As classes—you've stepped now and then on things that squirmed or squashed.

What did they have to say about that not-catassin you squashed?

They'll be squashed when you get 'em, but they'll smell still.

That brute of a fellow has been and squashed all the flowers!