Squashy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Squashy:

Comin' back I had the giraffe; they're slow travellers, and Squashy is lame.

That was a big, squashy man, the colour of a rubber overshoe, and he had an eye like a head waiter's.

Not the kitchen floor, as he thought he would, but on something soft and squashy.

It gave off a squashy noise; was almost as offensively decayed as the corpse of "heritage."

Ten feet away a carabao plumped into a mud hole with a cool, squashy sound.

Toward this the two little workwomen slopped along on squashy feet.

After a long time and many changes, came the marsh reeds and the squashy moss plants that did for vegetation.

"How white and squashy that dough looks," she said, as Joyce turned it deftly out on the moulding-board and began kneading it.

Well, Squashy,—thats a very appropriate name,—just pull off these boots.

Harper pounced on the squashy thing on the floor, feverishly pushed back the projecting insides, closely examined it.