Squatted [verb]

Definition of Squatted:

lower body by bending knees

Synonyms of Squatted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squatted:

Sentence/Example of Squatted:

Sami squatted down and pulled at the weeds with all his might.

In ten minutes the old Indian was delivering an oration to us, squatted in resignation.

He squatted there like a pope with his cheek of earlier days.

He squatted beside me on the sand, his eyes searching my face.

When she sat up, Richard squatted just out of reach, watching curiously.

Suddenly he leaped out and squatted beside the nearest stone.

Running briskly for a little distance, it squatted in the tall grass.

It squatted like a smashed-down kid's top, its lock shut tight.

He came up without a greeting and squatted down into the firelight.

He squatted in the dust, running his gloved fingers over the surface of the stone.