Squatter [noun]

Definition of Squatter:


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Sentence/Example of Squatter:

The panic excited by the squatter skunk had been another lesson.

The squatter covered the white fingers with tears and kisses.

"It air time fer me to go, Tess," murmured the squatter in her ear.

She could not finish the sentence for the squatter had pressed her to him convulsively.

As I said in the court-room the squatter trials are but farces.

Without their men the squatter women also would disappear from the shores.

They be dum good blokes, to give their money to a squatter, ain't they?

His father was waiting for the squatter to take her departure.

The majesty of death was upon them, this squatter father and mother.

The squatter just caught the next words, "But I am going to die, too, Tess."