Squatting [verb]

Definition of Squatting:

lower body by bending knees

Synonyms of Squatting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squatting:

Sentence/Example of Squatting:

On our way to these, a long row of squatting Burmans was passed.

He forgot even the scandalized Cazi Moto squatting at his feet.

Then they forgot the squatting figure by its camp fire and drove on to the ranch.

No more than I'd say it was squatting to sit down on my own hearthstone.

Jaffir, squatting on his heels, discoursed in measured tones.

Two men were squatting on the hearth, both smoking assiduously.

On the other side of a cactus-bush two Indians were squatting.

The Jew was kneeling on the floor, squatting upon his heels.

He was squatting in the cellar of a warehouse in the main city of Grismet.

Squatting on the grass, the girls made a circle round their council-fire.