Squeaky [adjective]

Definition of Squeaky:

having high-pitched sound

Synonyms of Squeaky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squeaky:


Sentence/Example of Squeaky:

His voice was squeaky and petulant, like that of a child who is suddenly forbidden a toy.

A squeaky voice screamed, "Confession or no confession, you are a police spy!"

The ironwork was squeaky and broken, the breaks repaired with strings.

As she opened the squeaky screen-door he was clumping down the steps.

A great explosion of squeaky French followed, a word or two of Italian.

"That's all you know about it," answered the little Brown Bear in a squeaky voice.

He spoke in a high, squeaky voice that cut me with the sharpness of its irritation.

Sarah sat in her squeaky willow rocker, and looked out the window.

Every little minute that rocker was going upon the squeaky board.

“And eats nuts,” finished Jennie in a squeaky voice of triumph.