Squeal [verb]

Definition of Squeal:

yell in a loud and high-pitched manner

Synonyms of Squeal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squeal:



Sentence/Example of Squeal:

There came a squeal of amazement from Aggie, a start of incredulity from Garson.

When I squeal, Andy, it'll be when there's nothing but the voice left.

I'll not be trapped this way by her and let her off without a squeal.

My friend, you get your hands on him, and I'll squeal on him till I'm blue in the face.

She did not squeal nor shudder, but sat regarding it with gentle pride.

London might squeal for reprisals, but Boveyhayne never squealed.

There was a squeal, and Mr. Green rolled forward into the room.

Suddenly his breath exploded in what was almost a squeal of delight.

If you squeal, I'm gain' to take yours once—and that'll be enough.

It seemed something between the squeal of a pig and the cry of a child.