Squealer [noun]

Definition of Squealer:


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Sentence/Example of Squealer:

He was despised by the other convicts, for he was a "squealer."

I know a boy's code of honor, and how he regards a 'squealer.'

It hurt him, to think that he should be taken for a "squealer."

So he framed it up so that I appeared to be a squealer, and started the gangmen after me.

He never had been a “squealer,” and he was not going to begin now.

"Squealer and Squawker both went into the heap that time, I guess," said Rudolf.

I mean among those who honestly think Larry has turned stool and squealer.

What Ive told of my own affairs doesnt concern them, and I will claim that Ive never yet played the squealer on any other chap.

I know; but Stacey has my note for the rest of the money, and I dont propose to be a squealer, Gordon.

My accomplice, the heeler, was a sure thing grafter, who had selected me because I had the requisite nerve and was no squealer.