Squeamish [adjective]

Definition of Squeamish:

nauseated; finicky

Synonyms of Squeamish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squeamish:

Sentence/Example of Squeamish:

Damn your squeamish stomach, go directly, or I'll go myself.

Since when have you become so squeamish about card-playing, Mr. Linton?

The Englishmen of those days were not so squeamish or so indifferent.

Even for the most squeamish the discomforts of the voyage lay behind.

"It is only a woman, squeamish," Pierre said in a rough voice.

I am not squeamish in such cases when manners are concerned.

And so squeamish as he is, and so particular about the cider!

Clavering isn't the man to be squeamish about hanging a rebel.

I am not squeamish, and then I always prefer to stand by the woman.

But you'll not be so squeamish about the way folks look when they air dead after a while.