Squeamishness [noun]

Definition of Squeamishness:

sickness in stomach; revulsion

Synonyms of Squeamishness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squeamishness:

Sentence/Example of Squeamishness:

A few weeks of campaigning, he said, would soon cure me of my squeamishness.

They are sure of treble pay, and besides, are not troubled with squeamishness.

It is not likely that I shall be charged with squeamishness on this question.

It was Lund's apparent callousness that affected him more than his own squeamishness.

One of the functions of the moisture-reclaimers was a rough joke, or a squeamishness.

Whitefield, very happily for thousands, had no squeamishness of this sort.

But how these Ends are compassed, he has no squeamishness, or Scruples about it.

Vaniman, in that crisis in his affairs, was not affected by squeamishness.

Be that as it may, he appeared to have forgotten his squeamishness.

They ridicule our squeamishness; we stand amazed at their indelicacy.