Squelched [verb]

Definition of Squelched:

suppress, restrain

Synonyms of Squelched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squelched:

Sentence/Example of Squelched:

The rebellion is squelched, all are pardoned, and everything ends happily.

Something's wrong out there; dissatisfaction, that should have been squelched.

The other, refusing to be squelched, fell into step beside him.

The sailor who so gallantly held the nozzle and squelched the fire was in luck.

It was a ghastly idea, and I squelched it with a promptness that was almost rude.

But in the person of Brother Walker, the system was squelched.

And when they rob coves of their 'olidays, 'ang it, they ought to be squelched.

"The brain," returned the latter, not ready to be squelched.

Any way, Cappadocia's not going to be squelched if she can help it.

The women had shawls over their heads, and squelched through the mud and slush with bare feet.