Squelching [verb]

Definition of Squelching:

suppress, restrain

Synonyms of Squelching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squelching:

Sentence/Example of Squelching:

He must have nerve to tackle her after he saw her squelch you.

You get rid of Thomas and squelch that law case, and I'll keep mum.

Her mind was made up to squelch him at the first opportunity.

Before I got wind of them, they had gone so far it was almost impossible to squelch them.

I'd just love to let it all squelch on, and I adore the smell!

But that squelch of fat citizens should be told—to the devil with them!

Do not hesitate to squelch them, even with derision and insult.

I am told that the Senate is likely to squelch the Costigan bill.

If there were only some ways to "squelch" the fakers and arouse the dreamers!

All dat hangin' seemed to squelch a heap o' lousy goin's-on.