Squinted [verb]

Definition of Squinted:

scrunch up eyes when viewing

Synonyms of Squinted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squinted:


Sentence/Example of Squinted:

Coleman swiveled around in his chair and squinted at the wall clock.

I held it level with my eye and squinted through the barrels.

He squinted as Jenkins flipped the light switch and the brightness hit him.

Hawk Kennedy closed one eye and squinted the other at Peter quizzically.

Reaching the top, his heart thudding, he squinted into the dimness.

He squinted through the port at the gray gloom of the Mare Cimmerium.

O'Day squinted his eyes, his lips moving in silent calculation.

Parr squinted at the huts, around the doors of which lounged the other men.

Gianapolis, applying his handkerchief to his eyes, squinted at her furiously.

Sam squinted at himself in the glass and added a touch of black to his nose.