Squirm [verb]

Definition of Squirm:

wiggle, fidget

Synonyms of Squirm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squirm:

Sentence/Example of Squirm:

Then it will be our friend the Financial Field's turn to squirm!

I wanted to tell you and have the fun of watchin' you squirm.

The animal continued to squirm but did not offer to come nearer.

I tell you I wanted to see him squirm for the honour of the craft.

And say, maybe Her Stoutness didn't enjoy watchin' us squirm.

Never knew I had a conscience that could make me squirm so much.

The boy became all limbs trying to squirm down from his father's shoulders.

And for her part she was prepared to take it, damp or clammy as it might be, without a squirm.

Course that gets a squirm out of him, like I hoped it would.

He had to shorten his stride in taking it, which made him squirm more than usual.