Squirming [verb]

Definition of Squirming:

wiggle, fidget

Synonyms of Squirming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squirming:

Sentence/Example of Squirming:

She could remember her, squirming and spluttering in her high nursery chair.

A mother does not have to learn to love her helpless, squirming brood.

The sack rose and fell as if something under it was squirming about convulsively.

The bags these women were emptying on the tables were squirming masses of life.

Squirming and crawling about from place to place can do no good.

"Pa," said Wilbur from the corner in which he had been squirming sleepily.

"It's the devil," said John, squirming ecstatically on his hard chair.

But even Haney had only faint conception of his captain's squirming powers.

He looked closely at the row of six squirming bunches of squeals.

"I didn't," said Archie, squirming out of his mother's arms.