Squirrels [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Squirrels:

You been seein' that squirrel that's been runnin' across the clearin'?

The next time that squirrel comes scootin' across I'll say, 'Now!'

I think that squirrel will stop in the woods for the rest of its life, Peter.

The squirrel is provident, but no more so than he is fastidious in the choice of his food.

He waited until he was sure of striking before the squirrel could gain a tree-refuge.

Why should I go round and round after a job like a bloomin' squirrel in a cage.

She might have been telling a squirrel that she didn't know where the other squirrel's nuts were.

He had the bones in his bosom; and now it was necessary for him to be a squirrel.

Canst tell a ship's topmast from a squirrel if one should heave in sight?

He did not get it, but the smoke went into the squirrel's nostrils and made him cough.