Squirting [verb]

Definition of Squirting:

squeeze out liquid

Synonyms of Squirting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squirting:

Sentence/Example of Squirting:

Thank you, Boy, for not letting them squirt water on my dolly's clean dress.

As well might Hercules have attempted to tidy up the Augean stables with a squirt.

I charged the squirt and let fly, and again, and again, as quick as I could fill it.

I know what you are thinking—you're thinking this is a squirt.

And if I were you, I'd take a light garden-engine, full of water, to squirt at the enemy.

Some elephants would have done worse than just to squirt water on you.

So the crew continued to squirt water, though most of it did little good.

They squirt venom from the attic into the gutter, and nobody is ever hurt.

However, not one of them moved him so much as to fetch one squirt of tobacco-juice.

The first squirt of the haggis is always the hottest, as the other man said.