Stab [noun]

Definition of Stab:

piercing cut

Synonyms of Stab:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stab:


Sentence/Example of Stab:

"Not at all," persisted he, accepting as conversation what she meant as a stab.

It was cut and parry and stab as quick as eye could see or hand act.

Her poor old joints seemed to stab her, but she fought off the pain angrily.

She could scratch, kick, and bite—and stab too; but for stabbing she wanted a knife.

"Maybe some of our men at New Orleans have laid us open to such a stab," he said.

The strangeness of his answering voice only repeated the stab of fear.

You should stab me and welcome, so that it pleased you, and you had to cure me afterwards.

When she saw him stab himself she was seized with indignation.

Brandishing a knife, the savage approached Squantum to stab him.

How every futile stroke of that pen went to the girl's heart like a stab of remorse!