Stabbed [verb]

Definition of Stabbed:

puncture, pierce with sharp, pointed object

Synonyms of Stabbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stabbed:









Sentence/Example of Stabbed:

And saying this he stabbed him with his pike in the face, and the blood spurted forth.

Are we not to worship, because our forefathers burned and stabbed for religion?

Your words—every one of them, have only stabbed me more and more surely to the heart.

Had you stabbed him in the back with a knife, you would have shown the courage of your vileness.

His own bowie-knife was in his hand now, and he stabbed the foremost 286 through the throat.

Madame Beattie took off her hat and stabbed the pin through it.

He 'd have stabbed you at the altar-foot rather than let a vengeance escape him.

It was hot there, too; big flies buzzed fiendishly, and did not sting, but stabbed.

How could I hold a man so that he should be stabbed from behind in my arms?

If I had not thrown him out, Castro would have stabbed him in the back in my very hands.