Stabilization [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stabilization:

It seems that this alignment is for a stabilization in leaping.

Stabilization through oligarchy is best illustrated by Chile.

Under Communist rule the stabilization of the class differentiations had lessened social mobility both upward and downward.

During the stabilization course one professor had permitted him to skip some classes.

No matter how we conceive of human thought, its stabilization comes about with that of writing.

One very important result is the stabilization of foreign currency, making exchange assist rather than embarrass our trade.

Stabilization of the levels of the Great Lakes and their opening to the sea by an effective shipway remain to be considered.

In the stabilization program that was carried on in 1934-35 a number of artifacts were found.

Stabilization of living costs and the halting of inflation protected the value of pensions and savings.

Our stabilization law was shot full of holes at the last session.