Stabilizing [verb]

Definition of Stabilizing:

make or keep in steady state; make resistant to change

Synonyms of Stabilizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stabilizing:

Sentence/Example of Stabilizing:

Maybe he didn't let his stabilizing rotors have time to lock in.

If the stabilizing mechanisms were there, why not use them always?

Aeroplane—A power-driven aerofoil with stabilizing and controlling surfaces.

Stabilizing shaft, repeated Andy, memorizing, and the name of the airship painted on that big paddle is the Eagle.

Also a number of automatic balancing and stabilizing devices have been brought out.

It is therefore necessary to find a means of stabilizing the naturally unstable cambered surface.

For the sake of illustration, the stabilizing surface has been given an angle of incidence, and therefore has a lift and C.P.

These stabilizing movements are taking place all the time, even though imperceptible to the pilot.

Aeroplanes have, in the past, been built with a stabilizing surface in front of the main surface instead of at the rear of it.

The work is shown passing beneath an old timber-crib bulkhead, used for stabilizing the shoreline.