Staccato [noun]

Definition of Staccato:

duplication; doing again

Opposite/Antonyms of Staccato:

Sentence/Example of Staccato:

I dashed into my room but Meg's staccato reached me even there.

Whatever of despair he felt did not appear in his staccato orders.

Almost simultaneously the air resounded with staccato bursts.

His face was set and his voice as he greeted O'Moy sharp and staccato.

The ticking of the clock and the snapping of the fire mingled in a staccato duet.

Once he gave a command in the staccato fashion of a terrified man.

His intention had been, once more, to make a note "staccato," and he had been misunderstood.

She stood still on the sidewalk, exploding into tiny, staccato sentences.

Then came an answering series of staccato taps, soft yet clear.

"We just lost one of our Mardukans," Gompertz told him, in his staccato Beowulf accent.