Stacked [adjective]

Definition of Stacked:


Opposite/Antonyms of Stacked:


Sentence/Example of Stacked:

Chairs were stacked along the walls and there was a low platform at one end.

The night before you'd collected driftwood and stacked it by the fire.

He stepped to the mainmast, about which the powder kegs had been stacked.

There were also many large packing-cases, stacked at the end of the row of cisterns.

Later they were stacked on shelves in a large committee room.

In a few minutes they had carried it away in pieces and stacked the pieces on the first step.

If you had got into the pass on time you could not have got away––the cards were stacked for you.

He was the best example of an all-round invalid I ever stacked up against.

The game was fixed; the cards were stacked, and there was no chance for Oakdale to win.

It was, however, got in very successfully, and all stacked in good order.