Stacking [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stacking:

Or, you goin' to get her a stack of every colour and let her play with you?

"That's quite a stack of chips you're carrying," Sperry observed.

"I have got to the corner of the stack, and as well as I can judge you must be just round it," he said.

You'll have to send Andrew to build up the stack again—that's all.

Owens leapt from the stack, and the men caught up their guns.

The wire can be fastened on the stack by drilling a tiny hole through the stack.

"There's a big one on the stack at Coledale," answered another.

Ted hesitated, and then turned to a stack of larger canvases.

Back home we used to stack the wheat to let it sweat and harden.

It was in the shape of a stack of boxes of fire-crackers, and Jed was gazing at it.