Stadia [noun]

Definition of Stadia:

arena for recreation or spectating

Synonyms of Stadia:

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Sentence/Example of Stadia:

The island in which the palace was situated had a diameter of five stadia.

The river is distant from the mountains of the Carduchi about six or seven stadia.

The stadia were places in the form of circi, for the running of men and horses.

The port, however, is always calm, and in magnitude about thirty stadia.

The width of the Isthmus is much more than 300 stadia: it is about seventy-two miles.

But from the harbor to Cyrene, 80 stadia; for Cyrene is inland.

Near it is the Chalcidic Euripus, to which, from Sunium, are 70 stadia.

At 50 stadia from Mitylene are the Larisæan rocks, on the road to Methymne.

These were the long walls, 40 stadia in length, joining the Asty304 to the Piræus.

Cleonæ is distant from Argos 120 stadia, and 80 from Corinth.