Stadiums [noun]

Definition of Stadiums:

arena for recreation or spectating

Synonyms of Stadiums:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stadiums:


Sentence/Example of Stadiums:

In October, 1920, the Stadium in this park was formally opened.

"I shall never boast about the stadium at Cambridge again," she said.

He wished to inspect them in the stadium, and they were now marching thither.

By this time people were being removed from the stadium in all directions.

All of this was duly announced to the stadium and the excitement was intense.

He never went near the stadium again as long as he lived, I understand.

Presently Hugo was standing alone on the cinders outside the stadium.

Dufeu also made a stadium the six hundredth part of a degree.

In a recess of the mountain, on the right side, is the area of a stadium.

We heard the partridge call in the area of the theatre, and of the stadium.