Stagecoach [noun]

Definition of Stagecoach:

wagon with a canvas roof

Synonyms of Stagecoach:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stagecoach:


Sentence/Example of Stagecoach:

I stared after the stagecoach until it was swallowed up in distance.

This contact with the stagecoach had again brought him face to face with his buried past.

We may take the stagecoach, or a private coach, or tally-ho.

The Governor traveled by stagecoach from Williamsburg to Germanna.

At the end of a fortnight he returned to Warsaw, making the trip in a stagecoach.

It was just the driver of the stagecoach, returned to see what had become of her.

And when the stagecoach came in she would stand with her apron full of horse-chestnuts, and heave 'em at the passengers.

Gone also is the stagecoach whose progress his pilgrimages often used to interrupt.

We shall find neither railway-train, nor steamboat, nor stagecoach, to carry us on our way.

The people still journeyed by stagecoach, carried tinder-boxes in place of matches, and penknives to mend their quill pens.