Staged [verb]

Definition of Staged:

arrange, produce

Synonyms of Staged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Staged:

Sentence/Example of Staged:

Staged this season with magnificent cast and gorgeous properties.

The play has been staged with magnificent cast and gorgeous properties.

Then there would be a sudden attack to be staged just at dawn.

Aided by Uncle Thomas and that assistant, the performance was staged.

I don't think 'kissing' is quite the word for the performance you just staged.

That whole affair was staged, so they wouldn't have to bring him to trial.

Griffith's pictures were the only ones in which he could tolerate a "staged" thrill.

Another, quickly sensing a staged surprise, followed the example.

He could imagine the manner in which the "accident" would be staged.

It was staged regardless, but even that fact did not count in its favor.