Staggered [verb]

Definition of Staggered:

walk falteringly

Synonyms of Staggered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Staggered:

Sentence/Example of Staggered:

At the first step Mortimer staggered and swayed like a drunken man.

Mortimer staggered back a step and caught at the chair to steady himself.

She staggered a little as she ran, leaping over the box borders.

The black man was not very far from Tom when he staggered and fell.

“Yes,” she whispered, then raised her head, and staggered backward a little.

Mrs. Blair staggered to her feet, entangled by her skirt, and pitching like a ship at sea.

He would have said it still, but for Arthur's manner: it was that which staggered him.

But no one need be staggered by these questions unless he pleases.

They staggered and trembled in every shaking limb, heedless now of the Earthmen.

The blood surged up to my head, and I staggered back and dropped into a chair.