Staggering [adjective]

Definition of Staggering:


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Sentence/Example of Staggering:

There has been staggering loss of life and measureless wastage of materials.

He jerked sharply up on the reins, and she broke into a staggering trot.

It seemed to her she had been staggering in that street for hours.

I cried, staggering to my feet and throwing his arms off me.

And that was where he came up against a staggering disappointment.

"Willingly," replied Rouget, who was staggering under a feeling of tenderness.

They gripped each other now, swaying, locked together, staggering.

A figure which had been staggering among the rocks near them, had fallen.

Daniel, staggering before this point blank attack, hesitated.

The publican, who carried a stick, was drunk, and the "knocker-up" was staggering on a crutch.