Staggeringly [adverb]

Definition of Staggeringly:


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Sentence/Example of Staggeringly:

The first of these questions was answered, staggeringly, at a quarter after eleven.

Some distance away he found the boat in which he had come, and entered it, staggeringly.

She was staggeringly different now from the daughter of the simple home in the Rue d'Athènes.

Then they looked well to their steps, and made shift to get staggeringly over.

Rorke rose sluggishly, groggily, staggeringly, to the summons for the sixth round.

Again and again he stumbled and fell—only to recover himself and plunge waveringly, staggeringly onward.

And all of them were loaded down, weighted down, staggeringly, with gems.

Then Sarah Gailey perceived Hilda half hidden in the doorway, and staggeringly rushed towards her.

Their burdens and their problems were staggeringly great; their resources pitifully small.

Pierre staggeringly rose to his feet; his wide eyes fixed, and his whole form in a tremble.