Staggers [verb]

Definition of Staggers:

walk falteringly

Synonyms of Staggers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Staggers:

Sentence/Example of Staggers:

Mr Vladimir did not stumble, did not stagger back, did not change his stride.

She saw De Launay stagger again and felt that she was about to faint.

Later, she used to stagger from one hammock to another and swing them.

Twice they were driven to their knees, only to stagger on as the convulsions lessened.

She thumps and lurches, and they stagger together, feeling sick.

A push made him stagger against the mizzen-mast, and he caught hold of a rope.

It set me back a whole lot, but I wanted to stagger dad—and I did.

Grace nodded, although the amount was sufficiently large to stagger her.

For a few moments this seemed to stagger the group that had gathered about him.

He knew his only plan was to keep moving, to stumble, stagger on.