Stagy [adjective]

Definition of Stagy:

extravagant in speech, behavior

Synonyms of Stagy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stagy:



Sentence/Example of Stagy:

He seized Bella and hugged her to his bosom in a most stagy manner.

He told her he loved it twice as well as the stilted, stagy "Anita Adair."

If I detest anything, it is the unconventional, the stagy, the mysterious.

The attorney brushed back his mane with a stagy movement of his hand, and turned upon Arkansas.

I felt a chill go over me—the whole business was tricky, stagy; of a piece with the highfalutin talk.

He condemns all that is affected or stagy; indeed his whole book is an eloquent plea for quiet and restraint.

Perhaps this was because he had purged himself of the stagy element in his abundant theatric exercise earlier.

And they hire stage actors to interpret the stagiest of stage plots in as stagy a way as they know how.

"Go on up-stairs and dress," she said in a stagy voice when we had come within earshot.