Staidness [noun]

Definition of Staidness:


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Sentence/Example of Staidness:

He achieved a staidness, and calmness, and philosophic tolerance.

I never had the staidness or dignity necessary for a leader.

There was falling into his mien somewhat more of staidness and sobriety.

She looked older that summer, and there was a staidness in her manner.

She thought only of women of her mother's age and staidness, who wore bonnets.

I was absorbed in the life of woman—the mystery of petticoats, so different from the staidness of trousers!

In my very young years I had a gravity and staidness of mind and spirit not usual in children.

But there was, nevertheless, in the cast of the features, something that suggested rather more than staidness.

There 143 is a curious formality and staidness about him and his companions which never degenerates into shyness.

Something might get out; Lillie might go delirious and make disclosures; and it was well to build up a character for staidness.