Staircases [noun]

Definition of Staircases:


Synonyms of Staircases:

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Sentence/Example of Staircases:

He waited in the lower hall until she had reached the top of the staircase.

He ran up the staircase to his room and flung on some clothing.

The crowd is around the foot of the staircase waiting for the elevator.

John went towards the staircase, but his uncle called him back.

He was left in the entry hall, the servant hurrying to the staircase and up.

Affery, anticipating the last movement, was on the staircase.

Highly gratified by the kindness of his reception, Young John descended the staircase.

With this discovery in his thoughts, he turned about on the staircase for another experiment.

Could some faint jasmine memory have lingered on the staircase?

He foresaw where they were going as soon as their feet touched the staircase.