Stairwell [noun]

Definition of Stairwell:

a set of steps

Synonyms of Stairwell:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stairwell:


Sentence/Example of Stairwell:

When Jon questioned him he indicated a stairwell against the rear wall.

At one end it merged into an incline that became a stairwell.

Then he began to run up the stairwell toward the good lifeboat.

At the door Bill poked his head in and shouted up the stairwell, "Hi—Tom?"

The Second came up out of the stairwell, turned and started toward them.

Gene scrambled up the stairwell as fast as he could, and ran down the corridor.

In the hallway, we could hear the footsteps going down the stairwell.

In a last desperate bid for freedom he crept back to the stairwell.

First he hurried back to the cork of chairs he had jammed into the stairwell.

But the dimly lighted hall was empty save for the wavering shadows that lost themselves in the gloom of the stairwell.