Stakeholder [noun]

Definition of Stakeholder:

one with a vested interest

Synonyms of Stakeholder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stakeholder:


Sentence/Example of Stakeholder:

The Captain covered the money, and the £40 was lodged with the stakeholder.

I agreed to let the Princess be the stakeholder—she may hold your word, and my money-belt.

The constable, with official dignity, undertook the responsibility of stakeholder.

We've got to have a stakeholder; put the money in Blake's hands—does that go?

He demanded that Wingie, who was stakeholder, share the spoils with him.

"I never feel so cheerful as when I'm my own stakeholder," he stated frankly.

"Watch me closely, stakeholder," repeated Cottle, addressing the ball.

In my official capacity as stakeholder I saw every shot that was played that afternoon.

"Certainly," answered Jackson as he handed the money over to Langdon as stakeholder.

I had left her in Retief's care as stakeholder, until the match should be shot off.