Stalked [verb]

Definition of Stalked:

follow, creep up on

Synonyms of Stalked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stalked:

Sentence/Example of Stalked:

And, hanging it over his umbrella, he stalked moodily onward.

In all their magnificence they stalked abroad, lords of the veldt.

With this he stalked off, and I could not run after him to bash his head, because what he said was perfectly true.

And stalked on, fearing, I suppose, every minute for his social chastity.

Muza made no reply, as he stalked slowly through the chapel.

But Peppajee rose and stalked majestically to the gate, then turned and confronted the two.

Despite her protests, he brushed her aside and stalked into the house.

Hugo groaned and stalked over to collect the two dolls and the tea-things.

He stalked gloomily along the path by the edge of the bluff.

The perturbed Bailey stalked off, muttering, to the blacksmith's.