Stalkers [noun]

Definition of Stalkers:

a person who hunts

Synonyms of Stalkers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stalkers:


Sentence/Example of Stalkers:

"You can't both hold on and let go," said Stalker, of Indiana.

He made a business of shootin' 'em on sight—a reg'lar Injun stalker!

The stalker in black seemed to have given up or disappeared.

Something was stalking something else and undoubtedly the stalker was a man.

Near the Blank Hotel they separated in order to confuse the stalker.

Stalker—who had surveyed the passage—Habakkuk, and I, navigated the raft.

If he could reach his office before his stalker closed in, he would be safe.

Through the filmy screen the stalker saw it all, read the meaning.

We were almost surrounded by deer; but the greater number were small vigilant hinds, the abomination and curse of a stalker.

An Indian, who knew the region well, and had once been ill-treated by Stalker, became a willing guide.