Stalking [verb]

Definition of Stalking:

follow, creep up on

Synonyms of Stalking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stalking:

Sentence/Example of Stalking:

If he cannot get within the hundred yards by stalking, then he should refuse the chance.

Jim describes their hunt as the most wonderful bit of stalking he had ever seen.

Especially adept did he become in stalking small living things.

He was stalking about the room now, with his hands in his pockets, whistling.

He had no thoughts for aught else but the triumph of his stalking.

We ought to have reconnoitered more, instead of thinking about stalking.

He was stalking the garden, beating the bushes, walking up and down.

He went in the direction of the voices, stalking along like a great lion.

You wouldn't, either—not as long as there were rabbits to be had for the stalking.

Caspar remembered the number well, for he had noted this while stalking them.