Stalling [verb]

Definition of Stalling:

delay for own purposes

Synonyms of Stalling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stalling:

Sentence/Example of Stalling:

They're stalling for time down there, that's all those fireballs are for.

It had almost seemed as though the man had been stalling for a while.

Then she jumped up and looked in at the cow-house, where the hind was just stalling the cattle.

Do you think he really has a new theory, or is he just stalling for time?

I was stalling in front, Lonzo was behind and Charlie was the pick.

I got an idea you were just stalling for a rest, that's all.

He'd been stalling her along until the aircar could be found.

The stalling of a single horse in the advance delayed the whole army.

“Stalling for time will get you nowhere,” snapped Gepper, losing patience.

I was stalling for time, waiting until he made the right opening.