Stampede [noun]

Definition of Stampede:

rush of animals

Synonyms of Stampede:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stampede:

Sentence/Example of Stampede:

Among the strikers there was a break that swiftly spread and became a stampede.

I was just mulish, I guess, because you were trying to stampede me.

"A herd of mountain sheep on the stampede," was the Skipper's immediate verdict.

The miners were struggling with the demons of desire and ready to stampede at any moment.

The porters, the tent boys, all were gone in a stampede for safety.

The excitement of the stampede had sustained us, and we scarcely had noted the flight of time.

There must have been several hundred of them, all sustained by the mad excitement of the stampede.

It was at this juncture that a stampede of the whole drove was due.

Instantly there was a stampede of the Den, and cries of “a fight!”

They were apt to stampede and make trouble in finding them if there was a bad storm.