Stampeding [verb]

Definition of Stampeding:

become, make afraid or distressed

Synonyms of Stampeding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stampeding:

Sentence/Example of Stampeding:

The stampeding of the herd on such a night is almost a relief.

Well, I reckon you know all about his son's stampeding with that girl last spring?

Dan could have distanced the cattle, even when they were stampeding.

The stampeding herd had passed her, and she was still alive.

It was only by the most careful handling that they were able to keep their herds from stampeding.

We dashed into the corn, and raced like mad to head the stampeding beasts.

We could not help the Injuns stampeding the lot, master, time after time.

The leaders of the stampeding herd had come dangerously close.

In this shape, as long as yoke and bows held, there was no danger of stampeding.

For a stampeding horse on a two-foot trail is a dangerous thing.