Stance [noun]

Definition of Stance:

position, posture

Synonyms of Stance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stance:


Sentence/Example of Stance:

Her shoulders drooped a little; there was no grace to her stance.

The stance is not accurate, but it is not bad enough to be fatal in itself.

There is nothing of my own discovery or invention in my stance for the drive.

Hugo changed his stance and took the door itself in his hands.

The youngster's stance was perfect, but so was his buck fever.

With rapidly dimming vision, he saw Wilhart assume a stance.

The captain—one McInnes, promoted from the ranks—attended one stance only.

From his stance he commanded the stair and could see along the corridor as well.

Naturally the stance of the airline at the inquiry directed by the terms of reference was not included expressly in those terms.

Then with an expert eye he studied his brother's stance and swing.