Stanchions [noun]

Definition of Stanchions:


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Sentence/Example of Stanchions:

To the glory of man we will stanchion, and raise and roof it anew.

It seemed to him he remained there precariously alone with the stanchion for a long, long time.

She was not lashed either, except that her painter was fast to a stanchion.

“Looks as if he had run against a stanchion in the dark,” I observed.

She grasped a stanchion and clung there, staring at him with a wild, white face.

For a moment he paused as though to think, holding to a stanchion.

There was not a thing she could use—not a stanchion to the window, not a rod to the bed.

On the third deck down, the Wildcat tied Lily to a stanchion.

Dick kept to his resolution of clinging tightly to a stanchion.

Do you think the stanchion will hold the weight of the heavy guns?