Standards [noun]

Definition of Standards:

guideline, principle

Synonyms of Standards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Standards:

Sentence/Example of Standards:

He supposed he was ignorant, according to Eastern standards.

But Bessie had the standards of an open-handed people to whom economy was not a virtue.

When the hunt was over, in came a long procession with banners and standards.

In a brilliant action the army of Manoury took three standards.

Presently the Austrian standards were brought up from the gorge.

The first job is to make the frame or standards, and this is in one piece.

As they emerged from the Bureau of Standards, Carnes glanced rapidly around.

There are, as has been indicated, other standards than the number of spindles.

His head's turned for the moment by his fortune and he's lost his standards of what is just.

In the name of the king I offer to allow you to depart, carrying with you your arms and standards.