Standbys [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Standbys:

So the apple came early to be a standby on the new continent.

Irish potatoes are expensive, as most of this standby is imported.

That's all you need to clear you of rescue and standby responsibility.

A standby pattern lighted the screen, and I stared at it numbly.

He had no trade as a standby; his whole endowment was his youth and his wits.

The wreck of the Clyde was once more our standby, providing a suitable length of chain and four shackles.

We landed back at the factory, deserted now except for a couple of men on standby duty in the office.

Lyddy had prepared a simple meal, of which the staple was the New England standby–baked beans.

Did you later receive some instructions to standby to help in the Oswald move?

By this time when the boys in your group went out for coffee, had there been any instructions to standby?